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Werkstätte Wattens
Corporate Design


Werkstätte Wattens is providing plenty of space for co-working and separate team offices in the old production facilities of Swarovski. Within state-of-the-art fablabs, several workshops and events it has evolved into a habitat for creatives, innovators, character heads and prototypes.


The highly advanced technology of today that takes place in this urban and historic surrounding translates into a very straight-forward, creative and sometimes nerdy design of their communication tools. Besides the design of stationery tools, programm flyers, service brochures, also a smart system for orientation was developed. By placing guiding stripes on the street or floor, building overviews on the walls and other creative guidance signs, the visitors are being led through the complicated buidling complex.


Performance: Creative concept, corporate design, graphic design, information design, stationery tools & production planning