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Within the old production facilities of Swarovski, Werkstätte Wattens created one of the Alps’ leading founder- and entrepreneurship centers. With state-of-the-art fablabs and a series of events Werkstätte Wattens quickly developed into a place for cutting-edge ideas. That’s were we came in.

To communicate the uniqueness of Werkstätte Wattens we created a straight-forward, creative and slightly nerdy design of their communication tools. We wanted to blur the lines between science and business and make Werkstätte Wattens simultaneously accessible for founders and startups, for innovators and tech-nerds.

Alex Koll,
Werkstaette Wattens

«Wenn die Welt in einem Jahr untergeht –
was wäre bis dahin Ihre Aufgabe?
Sie dürfen allerdings keinen Apfelbaum planzen.
Ich würd einen Apfelkuchen backen.
Mit Schlagsahne.»