In the headroom is the most passionate design studio based in Innsbruck, Tyrol. We advise companies in establishing and refining their brand culture and – in addition to strategic consulting – create, produce and implement design solutions and brand content in the fields of fashion, lifestyle, culture, and tourism. Whether a whisper or a scream, analog or digital, national or international – we make consumers feel the heart and soul of a brand.

design studio for brand culture and communication



Brand Strategy

We think ahead and make your company's character identifiable.

Marketing Support

We know the right tools to reach your target.

Project Management

We initiate, organize, and deliver in time and on point.

Content & Story Creation

We come up with meaningful ideas that appeal to your audience.


Design for Print & Digital

We create strong and effective designs for every outlet.

Corporate Design

We build strong, unique, and memorable brand identities.

Campaign Development

We know how to tackle the market with the right tools at the right time.

Motion Design

We make your ideas move and add a new dimension to advertising. 


Photo & Film Production

We not only find the ideas but we also bring them to life.

Art Buying & Casting

We spot the perfect imagery and faces for your brand.

In-house Studio

We take on the challenge of the perfect picture ourselves.

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in the headroom was founded by three forward-thinking minds brought together by their passion for exceptional design and their courage to change. Mark Grünberger and Alexander Kofler bring in years of experience as creative and art directors rounded out by Silvia Thaler’s wealth of experience in brand strategy and as a lecturer for marketing communication. Together the three build the strong foundation of in the headroom. 

Silvia Thaler

Consulting  & Managing Partner

Alexander C. Kofler

Creative Director & Managing Partner

Mark Grünberger

Creative Director & Managing Partner

what's going on in your head?

Today, in the headroom consists of a strong team specialised in multiple fields of expertise. Together they create concepts with loving attention for detail while keeping the big picture in mind. Trusted partners around the world ensure flexibility and bring in new perspectives for a high-class performance at all times.

In-House Photo Studio
Close communication ensures quick decision-making. With our in-house photo studio, we can move quickly when things have to go fast.
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